Cold sores?

Take control.

With herpotherm® – the heating pen.

herpotherm® - the heating pen

Cold sores are not only unattractive but can also be very painful. The accompanying symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching or tightness can be relieved from the very first application of herpotherm®. herpotherm® is a medical device which can completely prevent the development of cold sore blisters, if applied early enough.

The herpotherm heating pen for cold sores.


How to use herpotherm®

herpotherm® is very simple to use and takes only a few seconds. For persistent or recurrent symptoms, multiple treatments of the same skin site are possible. Please leave a treatment interval of at least 2 minutes between each application. Do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same skin area.

The following pictures show how it works:

The cap is removed from the herpotherm heat pen.

1. Remove cap

Remove the protective cap from the device.

Place the herpotherm heat pen on the affected area of the lip.

2. Position

Position the ceramic contact surface of the device on the affected skin area and gently press it against the skin.

The herpotherm heat pen is switched on and the treatment starts.

3. Activate heat

Press the button. The ceramic contact surface heats up to approx. 51°C. Once this temperature has been reached, an LED lights up and you will hear an acoustic signal – the application starts and now lasts 3 seconds.

The herpotherm treatment is completed after 3 seconds.

4. Relax

After the 3 seconds, you will hear the signal again, the LED goes out, and the device switches off automatically. All done – now you can relax!

Mechanism of action

herpotherm® - works with concentrated heat

herpotherm® works solely by concentrated heat and is thus completely free from chemicals. It is presumed that the heat generated by herpotherm® ranging around 51°C has a positive effect on the release of histamine and the body’s own enzymes and thus curbs the inflammatory reaction.

A switched-on herpotherm heating pen with visible ceramic contact surface.

Fast help: herpotherm®

  • Can prevent the development of cold sore blisters completely, if applied early enough
  • If applied later, the severity of symptoms can be reduced or may fade sooner

The application of concentrated heat (local hyperthermia) is a physical mode of action based on a brief, concentrated application of heat to a small, limited area of skin. Even a localized pulse of heat may be sufficient to relieve symptoms such as itching, burning, tingling or tightness.

Effect of heat therapy in an application for cold sores

herpotherm® – made in Germany

Get herpotherm® now – and get back control of cold sores. If applied early enough, the medical device can completely prevent cold sore blisters or, if applied later, the symptoms can be relieved up to 50% faster than creams containing acyclovir. No smearing or mess from creams or chemicals.

herpotherm® is also available from selected Pharmacies and Health food stores. And here:

Switched-on herpotherm heating pen in profile view with protective cap removed.